Geburtstagsgedichte auf Englisch

May all you’ve done for others
in your modest way
come back to you, today
on this special day.

Happy Birthday!

May all you do
turn out lucky, for you,
Let’s raise the glass on your special day
and dance the night away!

You are the one who makes my days
so jolly as can be,
a happy birthday
and year of shining days for that to thee!

Don’t count the candles –
enjoy their light
don’t fuss about the years
but enjoy your life!

Make your wishes, now,
because your birthday nears –
don’t think about the numbers,
but just enjoy the years.

May every hour bring
every wonderful thing
you could ask for in the next year
blow out the candles,
your birthday’s here!

May the next year bring
every single special thing
that you wish for –
in every single way
and may you be happy in this coming year
on every single day

May all your dreams come true
all life through
may come back to you
what for all the others you always do
may in all a thousand ways
the sun light any of your days
I wish you that all your dreams may come true
and you’ll find all the things that mean the most to you
in every single way
starting on this special day.

A day of joy, and laughter and fun
and then
when your birthday’s done,
another year filled with sunshine and delight
where dreams come true and every day shines bright.

Too many candles
and too little cake –
but don’t worry,
you’ll get what you can take
all the dreams that will come true
and a whole load of great presents, too.
No more to wish for, in any way,
just enjoy your present day.

May your good times multiply
and you always be flying high
may the stones in your way
just jump aside, on every single day
may life have always luck for you
and joy, and laughter, too.

May this special day
be your day, in every single way.

Geburtstagsgedichte auf Englisch
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