Lustige Englische Geburtstagssprüche

Please, read this letter
to Your Birthday I wrote.
I wish You’re getting better
and not only old.
You look really pretty,
not pale or even grey.
However, keep staying kiddy.
That’s my way ‚Happy Birthday‘ to say.

As the saying goes, lost time
will be never found again.
So celebrate Your Birthday in style
and do it without skanky chyle.
Insteed, please, drink a glass of wine
and You will feel more than fine!

Happy Birthday to You!
I hope Your dreams will come true.
Don’t forget to replace Your
photograph on passport’s first page
by one that is more
in tune with Your age!

On Your Birthday dance and shake,
eat big portions of sweet cake.
And above all let you go,
today’s something special You know.
But primarily it should be stressed
that I wish You all the best!

Another year has gone by
as quickly as a bee can fly.
Fly higher than You ever did!
Happy Birthday my Sweet Kid!

You are one year older now,
to you feel O.K.?
Find no words but a ‚Wow‘!
On Your Birthday let me say:
Keep on smiling day by day!

Let the corcs pop today
although You are old and grey.
Don’t worry, I’m just kidding now.
Happy Birthday my Kiddy, Meow!

Time goes by
like the clouds in the sky.
Be happy and funny
on Your Birthday, my bunny!

Let balloons float up to the sky
and chips and sausages fry.
Your Birthday should be an excellent party.
I wish You the best, keep hale and hearty!

You were born long time ago,
in which century I don’t know.
But I do know, You are clever
and look younger, believe me, than ever.
So forget the number of years.
Happy Birthday my Dear, and ‚Cheers‘!

Fear of aging? No reason for that.
These few decades didn’t make You ugly or fat.
The more time goes by
the more the days you’ll enjoy.
Just the best! Break free from your cage
and be proud of your age!

Lustige Englische Geburtstagssprüche
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